Inauguration of Ignorance

As I write this sentence, the United States is thisclose to the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on January 20th, 2021. The death rattle of the Trump Presidency is upon us.

It will be even closer by the time you read this.

Over the last several days, those of us in this country have been on high alert–with information coming at us from all sides, including the credible and possible threat of violence at capitol buildings in all 50 states, plus more violence in D.C. in the days leading up to and the day of the inauguration.

I hadn’t really planned to write another post before then. Of course, I couldn’t avoid the rampant shitposting on the conservative social media outlets. Despite the takedown of prominent conspiracy theory accounts on Twitter and Facebook (and many other places), it hasn’t stopped anyone from sharing misinformation on the likes of CloutHub and Gab and MeWe.

It’s slowed the spread to the mainstream, but the sickness is still spreading.

I know some of you may be tired of hearing about it. I understand–it’s (this whole thing) mentally exhausting. However, I’m asking you to stay with me. It is important to realize that the threat to Democracy and reality is still immense, even though DJT has been banned from a wide swath of the Internet.

I saw a post from a Facebook friend (who is also a friend in real life; I do have real life friends, I promise) the other day that was a PDF notice from the local sheriff’s department. The notice explained there was no truth to the “recent rumors” about the Missouri National Guard being enacted and martial law being imposed in my town and statewide.

The suggestion of martial law being enacted across the nation has been whipping into a frenzy MAGA Nation since at least November. I wrote about it a little bit in my post about General Michael Flynn. Of course, there is absolutely no truth to this conspiracy, but that doesn’t mean people don’t believe it.

The most pilled of Trump’s supporters would say that this announcement and others like it is simply a measure to keep the masses calm; they’d say they know better. The Storm is upon us, y’all, and now we’re all royally fucked.

Unless, of course, you’ve been a good, little soldier and have fallen into lockstep with the President, what’s left of his inner circle, and the cesspool of extremist social media. Apparently, all you need is a CloutHub account and you’re safe.

Phew. Guess it’ll be like Passover at my house.

All joking aside, people truly believe The Storm is coming sometime between now and January 20th. It’s desperate. It’s sad. And. It’s. Dangerous.

From CloutHub 1/15/2021
From CloutHub 1/15/2021
From CloutHub 1/15/2021
From CloutHub 1/15/2021
From CloutHub 1/15/2021
From 8kun 1/12/2021
From 8kun 1/13/2021
From 8kun 1/13/2021
From 8kun 1/14/2021
From CloutHub 1/16/2021

I would love to tell you this is *all I could find, but it’s not. There is post after post after post about seceding, military tribunals, and martial law. Many of these people believe that there will be a complete breakdown of communication via the Internet, cell, and all other forms of media. They are suggesting people stock up on food, water, and ammo to prepare for what is coming.

Earlier today, another friend sent me screenshots from post that went into graphic detail about how and when Trump would regain (or maintain?) control. She wasn’t sure where this post originated, and before I could even go on a hunt for the source, it popped up on CloutHub.

Apparently, according to a conspiracy theory website called Citizen First News:

Original post published on 1/15/2021

If you want to read the rest of the story, which is entirely too long to post, you can do that HERE.

What I find so interesting is that people believe that if there WERE some type of military action planned, they’d know about it. Not only would they know about it, but they’re also supposed to share it with the masses. They pass it around like it’s an open secret; they share it with glee.

Imagine being excited about the takeover of your government by military force.

There is also a collective belief that “they” are not responsible for the storming of the Capitol Building in D.C. I think this is mostly a self-preservation tactic, and although it infuriates me, it’s pretty on-brand for them. It’s part of that circular logic.

In the same vein, there is also quite a bit of chatter about how the coup attempt wasn’t violent at all. What we saw on television is a lie; it’s all part of the MSM attempt to control our minds. I guess it doesn’t matter that millions of us saw it happen on live television.

The local newspaper where I live published a full page ad (not an editorial or an opinion piece or a news story) paid for by a man I’ve known my entire life who went to D.C. on January 6th, and the entire piece is rife with misinformation, not only about the election, but also about what actually happened at the Capitol Building that day.

This person wasn’t part of the actual storming of the Capitol, which I think is important to note. Still, what he has to say is a perfect example of the lies and disinformation that have become commonplace in communities like mine, a community nestled in a county that voted for Trump in the 2020 election by nearly 81%.

The attitudes in these circles are a mix of “sit back and let it happen” and “WAR!”

There are others who are not necessarily suggesting martial law or military takeover, but who have pledged their support for the use of force.

From 8kun 1/61/2021
From 8kun 1/16/2021
From CloutHub 1/15/2021
From BitChute 1/14/2021

There are also several posts about how the government/BLM/ANTIFA are planning for violence in the days leading up to the inauguration in an effort to blame Trump supporters. These posts urge “patriots” to stay home in order to protect themselves.

From CloutHub 1/16/2021 (NOT actually Donald Trump Jr.’s account.)
From CloutHub 1/16/2021
From CloutHub 1/16/2021

I hope that people heed this advice, regardless of how misplaced the sentiment is.

There are also those who tend to shy away from, ignore, or who are reluctant to post anything about violence and have begun to depend upon the government and not the military directly to keep the Biden administration from having any power. These posts mostly come in the form of suggesting impeachment, not only for Nancy Pelosi, but for Biden himself (I’m not sure if they realize yet that if Biden is impeached, they would have a Kamala Harris presidency, which….seems to literally be their worst nightmare).

From CloutHub 1/16/2021
From MeWe 1/16/2021
From CloutHub 1/16/2021

I think perhaps this interest comes from the likes of the QANON Prom Queen herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who first announced she would file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden via NewsMax on January 13th.

From Twitter 1/13/2021
From Twitter 1/13/2021
From Twitter 1/14/2021

Greene tweets about impeaching Biden nearly every day, despite the lack of conclusive evidence of any wrong doing on Biden’s part. Extremists like Greene have taken the Hunter Biden trope and run with it.

She seems to really enjoy rallying the MAGA horde with shit she can never accomplish, like impeaching a president who hasn’t even yet taken office. I realize that the assertion here is that Biden should be impeached based on previous actions as VP, but it doesn’t matter the rationale. This is a political show. This is ‘Ol Marjorie bending over and showing the world her baboon’s ass.

I have seriously never seen a bigger fangirl.

Side note: I went in to edit this piece this morning 1/17/2021, and Greene is having a huuuuuuge meltdown because the district she represents in Georgia had low voter turnout for the January runoff election. According to Gabriel Sterling, who works in the Georgia AG’s office, North Georgia had 75k fewer votes than it did in November, while Democrats had 17k fewer.

Y’all, I am SCREAMING. She’s so pissed. How dare anyone show her the consequences of her own actions. I’m going to post the tweet below and one of her MANY responses.

It’s worth it to go over to Twitter and read her responses, which are naturally filled with lies. Still, you can see how angry she is, and it’s glorious.

ANYWAY, back to the post.

The theories about martial law, the Capitol riot, and impeachment are the latest to hit the Internet, but as always, run-of-the-mill conspiracies continue to be a favorite, because…of course?

From CloutHub 1/16/2021

Fuckin’ Pizzagate. Will it never end?? Take a shot for good measure.

From CloutHub 1/16/2021

Take another shot! Hillary Clinton.

From CloutHub 1/16/2021

Better take another shot for George Soros.

From CloutHub 1/16/2021

Also, there are an odd amount of JFK JR. posts popping up. Some of the most…strange…theories to come out of the QANON mess is the belief that JFK JR. is somehow still alive and well and ready to take over.

From Instagram 1/13/2021
From Instagram 1/3/2021

Here’s another weird, hot take.

The very tip of the iceberg is Stop the Steal. The very depths of the ocean is JFK JR. is still alive.

I am unsure what the next few days will bring for America. Just today, the news broke that a man with unauthorized inauguration credentials, a gun, and a wealth of ammo was arrested trying to enter Washington D.C. His name is Wesley Allen Beeler.

According to WUSA 9 News, an ABC affiliate station, Beeler claims he was working an inauguration security job and simply forgot to take the gun and ammo out of his truck, which was searched after police at the checkpoint noticed his gun-related bumper stickers, two of which said, “If they come for your guns, give ’em your bullets first” and “assault life.”

His gun, while registered in his home state of Virginia, was not registered in D.C.

Beeler also said in that interview that he’s been working for MVP Protective Services at the Capitol and National Mall since January 8th. I think it’s possible in the days to come that we’ll find out Beeler is telling the truth, at least about his job. Still, his arrest is proof positive that everyone is on high alert.

While I’m concerned with what will happen at capital cities throughout the country and what will happen on Inauguration Day, I am more concerned about what will happen after–when all of these people realize that everything they predicted did not come true. There is no martial law. There are no military tribunals. There is no Donald Trump as POTUS.

What will they do then? How will they react? When #45 has failed them. When Q has failed them. When God has failed them.

President-Elect Joe Biden said in his address to the American People on January 6th, in the midst of the attempted coup, that this is not who we are. This is not what America stands for.

However, as much I appreciate Biden’s optimism, I am here to tell you that this IS who we are. It IS what we stand for…at least in part. To deny it may be more comfortable for many of us, but that comfort comes with a price. If we do not begin to address the reality of fantasy, then we will never be able to foster change. We will never be able to move on; we will never be able to heal.

Take a good, hard look at it.

At us.

Yours Truly,

Tiny Blue Dot

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