The QANON Prom Queen Goes To Washington

You know what I’ve never wondered? What it would be like if a grown-up, red-pilled, QANON version of Regina George went to the United States Congress to serve in the House of Representatives for Georgia’s 14th district. 

And yet…here we all are. Welcome to Washington D.C., Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene!

I hope you brought a Guy Fawkes mask to protect you from all the pedophilic, adrenochrome drinking, Deep State, Socialist junkies!

Just in case you’ve been living, I don’t know, under a rock for the last few months, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a newly elected House Rep from Georgia. She is a 46-year-old mother of three, who owns a construction company with her husband and used to own a CrossFit business. She graduated with a business degree from the University of Georgia.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (from here on out, MTG) will be one of 141 women to serve in Congress next year. This breaks 2016’s record of 127 and is a feat that should absolutely be celebrated. 

Most election years, I probably wouldn’t have had any idea who MTG is, but this is no ordinary election year, and Greene has been making headlines for months, in part due to her penchant for supporting baseless conspiracy theories and for posting rambling, racist videos about Sharia Law and how white men are the most mistreated people in the United States. 

MTG is certainly not alone when it comes to any of these sentiments—not in Congress or in general. Racism, Islamophobia, and the like are alive and well in government; in October, CNN reported that nearly 24 Congressional candidates had been sympathetic to or expressed interest in QANON. 

Greene won her bid for the House in a landslide. Of course, she was basically running unopposed. Her Democratic opponent Kevin Van Ausdel dropped out of the race, and because it was within 60 days of the election, Democrats weren’t able to find another candidate. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2020) reported that Van Ausdel was forced temper his political aspirations amidst a divorce and subsequent move out of Georgia to the state of Indiana. He was a longshot candidate in a heavily Republican area, and neither he nor Greene had any political experience before this election. 

That doesn’t mean that MTG hasn’t been interested in politics before now. She’s been very vocal about her conservative, political ideologies for years. 

Let’s take a journey, shall we? 

Ah, young Marjorie. 2017 Marjorie. You sweet, summer child. I wonder if you knew back then, when you were peddling your conspiracy theory wares on the now defunct, extremist news site, American Truth Seekers, that you would one day run for Congress. 

Maybe. Maybe not. But the WayBack Machine is my friend (you are not, just so we’re clear), and I found your name splashed all over that place—56 posts authored by you—six pages worth. 

Now, unfortunately (or fortunately, I can’t decide which) for me, several of the links to MTG’s articles were no longer available, even through the WayBack Machine. All I could view was one page of entries, and not all of those links worked. I link this page in my references section.

Here’s a sample of what the decaying corpse of American Truth Seekers looks like now. 

You Can see Marjorie’s name up at the top, showing 56 posts. Below that is a sampling of four of her pieces. Off to the right are other articles (not written by MTG), but it gives you a pretty good idea of what this website was all about. It seems to have gone offline sometime in 2019, but they’ve got an active following on Facebook and Twitter. 

You all remember this—Heather Heyer was run down, along with 19 other people, by 20-year-old James Alex Fields.

Heather died. 

Donald Trump declared that there were “a lot of good people on both sides.”

Greene’s entry goes on to quote Your News Wire (another extremist website full of conspiracy theory garbage) article that claims, in part, “The man accused of being a neo-Nazi and murdering a woman by deliberately driving into her during the protests in Charlottesville is in reality a supporter of Hillary Clinton and member of Antifa in receipt of funding by George Soros.”

For those of you playing a drinking game at home, you have to take double shots for a sentence that includes both Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

Greene’s entry also cites, I shit you not, a webpage called Department of Memes (y’all, I am SCREAMING) that suggests that James Alex Fields was not acting maliciously—he was simply scared and plowed into two dozen protesters on “accident.”

I checked out this Department of Memes site, and while it is not offline, it hasn’t been updated since 2017. Here’s a taste of what they had to offer roughly three years ago. 

Later, in November of 2017, Greene authored another piece titled, “There Is A Storm Brewing That Is About To Reveal The Real Source Of Evil In America!”

A bit long-winded, but okay.

No lie, I think my favorite part about this article is that Greene doesn’t seem to know that writing “The Clintons” or “The Podestas” doesn’t require an apostrophe, because their names aren’t fucking possessive. Oh, her double exclamation marks when she proudly, and in bold font, proclaims: Make American Great Again!! For emphasis!! Just!! In!! Case!! You!! Didn’t!! Understand!! How!! Serious!! This!! Is!!

But it’s not just the bad writing that’s a problem here—it’s the bad journalism. Greene relies on completely unreliable sources and blatant conspiracy theory to weave a false story about the tragic 2016 death of DNC employee, Seth Rich. The claims and false information circulated so widely that Rich’s parents sued Fox News and settled for an undisclosed amount with them last month (Robertson, 2020). 

I should also note that the whole “storm” concept is a line straight from the QANON swamp. 

Which brings me to the last of MTG’s posts for American Truth Seekers in January of 2018, in which she attempted to explain QANON and urged readers to “wake up.”

It is the longest of Greene’s writing that I had access to through the WayBack Machine. She dives right in, and it’s pretty clear that MTG already had quite a bit of knowledge about Q before sitting down to compose this article. She references another now defunct website called MagaPill (“pilling” is a common reference of QANON supporters) that lists all of Trump’s accomplishments, lending validity to this website by writing that Trump doesn’t Tweet about anything unless he “believes in it.” The article she’s referencing can be found HERE, through the WayBack Machine, and it’s basically a QANON intro for newbies.  

Greene’s post continues “down the rabbit hole” (another fun Q reference) by stating that Robert Mueller is really one of them. You know, I can’t really put it as eloquently as Greene does. Let me just show you.

She continues to hit on the QANON pressure points by naming Saudi Arabia, the Rothschilds, and George Soros (take 3 shots) as the “puppet masters who fund this global evil.”

Quick reminder—this woman will be serving in our GOVERNMENT come January 2021. This red pill popping, QANON humping, mother of 3. Just…hanging out in the House of Representatives.

And Greene’s digital rug burns don’t stop there. 

She went on to call Q a patriot again in now deleted (but saved forever on the Internet) video. She also defines Q as someone “very close to the president.”

In other videos, she describes an “Islamic invasion” into government and disparages Ilhan Omar’s hijab. She says, “You want to put your hand on the Quran and be sworn in? No. You have to be sworn in on the Bible.”

In reference to Confederate statues, she says, “If I were a Black person today, and I walked by those statues, I would be so proud. Because I’d say, look how far I have come in this country.” 

I watched a 9-minute compilation posted by Politico of the “scrubbed” videos, and it is linked in my reference section, just in case you want to watch it for yourself. The compilation pretty much covers the racist, fear-mongering gambit. 

In August of this year, Greene told Fox News that her QANON past no longer represents who she is as a candidate for Congress (Schultz, 2020). She says she became curious about Russian collusion and later discovered “misinformation” that caused her to leave the movement. 

She also said, “I don’t expect a lot of the left-leaning media to change their stance. I think they’re going to continue to attack me because they actually do see me who’s unapologetically conservative.”

Nah. We see you as a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theory junkie who can’t quite seem to quit Q. 

The day before Thanksgiving, she shared this meme. 

On December 4th, she shared this article from GAB about QANON. 

And then on December 6th, she shared a post from a guy who calls himself Praying Medic. While the share itself is fairly innocuous, Praying Medic has his hands shoved so far up Q’s ass that he couldn’t use them to pray if his life depended on it. 

So, not only is MTG continuing to share batshit conspiracy theories with Q subtext, she’s also clearly still following the movers and shakers of the shallow QANON gene pool.

Let’s assume for a minute that Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t running on a QANON platform or using her QANON contacts to further her agenda. 

What does that mean she cares about, if not pulling wool away from the eyes of the rest of us sheeple? What does she have to say about herself from the standpoint of her official campaign?

Let’s check it out.

MTG’s campaign website is slick and very, very patriotic. Her campaign slogan seems to be— “Save America, Stop Socialism!”

Socialism, although I’m not exactly sure if MTG knows what it is, seems to be a key talking point, and let’s be fair—she’s not the only Conservative candidate or member of Congress to get their patriotic panties in a twist over the imagined threat of a hostile Socialist takeover in the United States. Still, you can’t get very far into her website or social media accounts without seeing that word or hearing that word, and she’s laser focused on a few of her fellow Congresswomen, specifically Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. 

In a campaign video on her website, MTG introduces the viewer to her family, her business, and her sweet, southern way of life. It is very much the “normal” campaign video. 

At first. 

About halfway through, the video cuts to a photo of AOC, with the word “COMMUNISM” scrawled across it in red lettering, and Greene says: “AOC wants to plunge us into Communism.”

Not long after, not so flattering pictures of Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib pop up.

Greene says that they have no experience running a business. She goes on to say, “This is the same party that wants to take over our healthcare industry, take over our entire energy sector, raise our taxes, murder babies up until the day of birth, AND (her emphasis, not mine) they want to take away our guns.”

I’m not sure how we got from running a business to murdering babies, but here we are. TIME TO PANIC! ABORT…NO, WAIT! DON’T ABORT MISSION!

MTG’s personal obsession with these women extends far past a mere campaign video. She spends more time obsessing over Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and “The Squad” than Stan did obsessing over Eminem, and I’m not entirely sure that MTG won’t attempt to put AOC in the trunk of her car come January. Seriously, it’s fanatical. 

In fact, on December 2nd, one Twitter user counted how many times MTG mentioned AOC on Twitter since the election.

When Greene won her primary bid, she called Nancy Pelosi a bitch in her victory speech, and before that, in February of 2019, in some kind of weird Facebook “press release,” she suggested that Pelosi had committed crimes worthy of a death sentence.

There’s also the time MTG tweeted that Ilhan Omar married her brother. 

A few days later, MTG shared this:

“Communist Antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter Terrorists.”

What happened, Marjorie? You couldn’t find a place to slide “Socialist” in there, too? 

(Take four shots, anyway.)

Don’t despair, friends! MTG has NOT forgotten her Y’all Qaeda war against the Socialists. When she’s not bullying her new co-workers on Twitter, she’s screaming about Socialism. 

I especially love the way she throws in, “These are the same people who want to murder babies up until birth and after…” 

Girl, what? 

Who are you fighting? 

She doesn’t even know. 

People like Marjorie Taylor Greene want us to be afraid of them. It’s so desperate, her desire to be seen as some kind of locked and loaded MMA fighter for the Constitution, that anyone who’s paying any attention at all can see how unprepared and uninformed she really is. 

We all know people like MTG. We all knew those girls in high school who spent their free time mocking other girls to bolster their popularity. We all knew those girls who started rumors and talked about their friends behind their backs. This is basically that, except on a national level. Kudos to her for joining the Republican party instead of a pyramid scheme like everybody else. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene can’t win a battle of wits on the House floor, so she’s going to do her best to discredit anyone who challenges her by calling them names. She’s going to be the loudest. The most concealed and carried-est. She’s going to post intimidating pictures on social media, where she’s pasted herself in, standing next to three other congresswomen, holding a gun. She’s going to spout nonsensical conspiracy theories at anyone within earshot, and then she’s going to blame the “MSM” for lying to people. 

Hell, I half expect her to form a pop group with Lauren Boebert, Kelly Loeffler, and Mellissa Carone. They’ll give a performance of their top hit, “Stop the Steal.”

When they fail to win a Grammy, they can sue the academy. Sidney Powell can be their lawyer. 

Maybe the ghost of Hugo Chavez will make a guest appearance.

All of that is just as likely to happen as it is likely that Q is a “great patriot” instead of Jim Watkins typing away on 8kun from his rage basement. 

It’s about as likely to happen as it is likely that Donald Trump is waging a secret war against a pedophilic cabal. 

In other words, it’s a fantasy. 

Keep it up, 2020, you magnificent bastard. 

And at the risk of going over the target, good luck to you in the House of Representatives, Mrs. Greene.

You’re certainly going to need it. 

Yours Truly,

Tiny Blue Dot


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